Thursday, July 2, 2009

Will it ever stop raining?

After yesterday's thunderstorms, I had hoped we'd awaken to sunshine, but it started out dreary again, and then there were several even more intense thunderstorms. We had to go out early this morning to go to the bank to get a document notarized, since Lisa was coming to give me my massage at eleven and Marty had things he had to do in the afternoon. A little after nine, there was a very loud clap of thunder and the lights went out for a few seconds, but fortunately, it was raining only lightly when we left for the bank. We also took my computer to the repair place, since it is once again running so slowly that I feel like I'm wrestling with it, and I have borrowed Julie's laptop again.

The weather forecast for the weekend looks promising, so I'm hoping we're able to go to the festival and not be stuck in the hotel. I'm feeling good, the last time I took morphine was at some point during the night, and the massage I got from Lisa took care of an incipient sinus headache. Tonight and tomorrow morning we need to get organized and packed--Ann will be here, which will be helpful in getting all our paraphernalia into the car. Ideally, we should be on the road by one, so we can spend a leisurely evening getting settled and be well rested for Saturday morning.

The only problem right now is that we can't find Gilbert. Laurel was helping Marty unload groceries from the car, and it seems that the door was left open briefly. Gilbert's very good at hiding, and he doesn't like any form of commotion, so the chances are excellent that he's somewhere in the apartment, or down in the basement, but I won't relax until we find him.

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  1. Oh no... I feel bad about Gilbert's "hiding". I did keep the kitchen door shut in the process of bringing in all the soadas.. Please let me know when you find my little furry friend! Have a wonderful weekend in New Bedford. Love, Laurel