Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nothing much happening

I'm still very weak and don't feel much like doing anything (including writing). I never made it into the living room today because the slightest exertion was setting off a coughing fit, although fortunately I seem to have stopped doing that by late afternoon.

My stomach is still somewhat sensitive and I'm eating things that sound good (regardless of whether they are technically easy to digest). Yesterday I asked Laurel to go out to the nearby wonderful Quabrada bakery for a pumpkin muffin--I ate half mid-morning and the other half for lunch (such as it was). Today for lunch she went to the Arlington Diner and got me a burger (well done, no bun), with some cole slaw and french fries. They had a hard time with the concept of "no bun" and actually put it on a bun, which she tossed when she got home (we both got a good laugh out of that). For breakfast, I had some Progresso macaroni and bean soup; yesterday for breakfast Marty made me an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat toast, which I had been craving. I try to think out of conventional categories of breakfast food; I don't like most traditional breakfasts, especially most forms of eggs. When I was in Japan, I really enjoyed Japanese breakfasts, which contain a lot of things that are very non-traditional to western eyes (or taste buds).

I've run into my first real frustration with the hospice program. Because it is so small they have only one home health aide, who is on vacation this week. I finally overcame my resistance to having someone bathe me, and I'd much rather not have one of my PCA's do it (for such an intimate service, I'd rather it were someone with whom I had a more impersonal relationship). Lauren said on Monday that they hoped they'd have a fill-in who'd be able to do it by Wednesday, but today it turns out it won't be till Friday. I'm smelly and sticky from the high fever I had on Sunday and would just love to feel clean.

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  1. Geez, "No Bun" means NO BUN!! LOL How hard is that?