Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A pretty good day (with the aid of morphine)

I woke up around five with my knees aching and took a full syringe of morphine, and after a little while the pain eased up and I felt a pleasant wooziness, and was able to get back to sleep till almost eight. Since then I've been using occasional doses of morphine, alternating with ativan, to keep things under control; along with the acupuncture treatment I received this afternoon, I'm feeling pretty good physically, and in good spirits.

Caren was here for a short while this morning; she is helping me set up an account on e-vite to send out the invitations; once it's set up, the site automatically keeps track of who has and hasn't replied. I have a partial list of people to invite (based on the e-mails I sent out back when I first went into hospice), which I need to update. Having projects to work on makes me feel good. Caren also brought me some yummy cookies from Lakota Bakery (, having gotten clearance from the volunteer director that it's okay to bring me goodies.

Marty left early in the afternoon after giving me some soup for lunch (I had a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast, so wasn't that hungry); I was alone for a short while until Anne arrived to give me my acupuncture treatment, and then briefly alone until Susan came. Now I'm alone again, feeling quite comfortable; I'm expecting Marty's call in a little while asking me what he should bring me for dinner (it's going to be my old faithful Singapore noodles again); he'll be going out to an evening meeting as well. I called Diana to see if she could come this evening, but she said she was going to a concert this morning (sounding almost apologetic--of course I told her not to be silly, and to enjoy herself). I'm sure I'll be fine--I'll eat dinner, then get into bed and watch some TV, and probably fall asleep.

Lauren called earlier today; she discussed my pain with the hospice medical director and they want me to try some patches that are applied for twelve hours for pain control purposes; once the pharmacy delivers them I will experiment (Lauren was very clear that this was an adjunct to the morphine, not to replace it).

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