Thursday, January 15, 2009

What does hospice mean to me?

Since I've been a hospice patient, I have experienced genuine peace of mind. I feel confident that I will be taken care of, in accordance with my wishes. There will be no more trips to the hospital, trips that, with few exceptions, accomplished very little. There will be no more needles or invasive procedures. My comfort is the center of hospice philosophy. This is totally in line with the model of the mental health system we've been promoting all these years, with very limited success.


  1. Judi, My prayers that you feel the support you want are with you. I'm not for sure that I have met you; but, because my peer counselor was Howie Harp and I have been aware of your work. . . Judi, thank you. I am certain I have over the years had easier psychiatric hospitalizations because of your work advocating for my civil rights. Again, thank you. -Barbara Reynolds

  2. P.S.- I just wanted to let everyone know that the "Thomas" above is my husband's name which the account is in his name. But, I'm me! -Barbara Reynolds
    So sorry for the confusion. Also, Saturday, we leave to go to Mexico for ten days; so, I will be silent for that time. Judi, may you feel the Creator Spirit supporting you.

  3. "My comfort is the center of hospice philosophy."

    I'm glad that while you still live Judi, you've experienced comfort as a patient unlike the experiences of other patients, eh. I stumbled on your blog today, and became so sad that a woman like you who has her own goal and direction in life, will die so soon. Hope you have comfort in the place that you are in right now. God speed.


  4. It's nice when you are reassured that you'll be comfortable and taken care of. I provide in-home assisted living in Fremont NH, and these are some of the same promises we make to our clients.

    - Sasha