Saturday, January 31, 2009

One bad day, one good one...

I'm not sure why it is, but I can almost always tell, when I open my eyes in the morning, even before getting out of bed, if it will be a good day or a bad one. Friday was pretty awful--when I woke up, I didn't even feel like getting out of bed for hours, and just kept drifting off to sleep. At one point, I must have pushed my Lifeline button, because the machine gave a loud signal and a voice came on asking if I was OK--I said I must have rolled over on it or something, and drifted off to sleep again. I think it was about ten before I woke up for good, and even that was because I got another phone call. I got the papers from the front step, but didn't even have the energy to make my morning cup of tea until Ann arrived, so she made it for me.

We finally got all the Christmas ornaments packed up in a storage bin which she took down to the basement, and we started on clearing some of the mess off the bed, but I didn't really have the energy to go through too much of it. Nancy, the chaplain, stopped by for a brief visit, and after that I sent Ann home and was able to heat up some leftovers, but everything was such an effort and I just wanted to lie down again.

But this morning was a lot different--once again, as soon as I opened my eyes I could tell I had a lot more energy. I was hoping to feel good as I wanted to join Julie, Jim and the kids in going out for dinner for Kyle and Vivian's birthdays (he was twelve yesterday and she turns seven today). I'm showered and dressed and have make-up on, which feels wonderful, and we're supposed to leave in a little while. Marty is with his friend Donna (shes's been having a hard time since her brother died suddenly of a heart attack about two weeks ago), but is headed back and plans to meet us at the restaurant.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow with Chris and Shery Mead--visitors are always good! And I've been getting e-mail from anumber of people who've been reading the blog and liking it. It's good to feel connections with so many people!


  1. It is nice to read that you are feeling better today and about to go out to celebrate the birthdays. Thanks for these daily conversations.

  2. Hi again, Judi. I'm still trying to figure out this Facebook stuff. Hope this day is a good one.