Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's amazing how having visitors cheers me up, even when I'm having a rough day. On Monday, Susan Stefan was here again, bringing delicious Chinese soup and lots of good conversation. She's going to be speaking on a panel for PBS and we talked about some points it would be good for her to make. I suggested she might want to talk to Bob Whitaker, who has done some great research on how psychiatric research shows that the drugs don't help people, and that the people who improve most are those who are off drugs.

Then on Wednesday Bob came, bringing a wonderful Chinese dinner from Chang Sho, and he, Marty, and I had a great evening, even though I'd been feeling lousy most of the day and had been lying in bed with the bi-pap machine most of the afternoon. Bob told us about his new book that he's working on (he's finally gotten a contract to write another book about psychiatry, which he had a hard time doing because now he's considered biased [!!!]), as well as his recently published book about the early civil rights movement, back at the turn of the last century. And then Marty talked about Israel/Palestine stuff--all the while we were drinking a nice bottle of wine (Bob was very impressed by my rabbit corkscrew) and eating delicious food, and I found myself feeling much, much better.

Today I'm feeling weak and tired again. I've got another nice visit to look forward to--on Sunday afternoon Chris Hansen and Shery Mead are coming from New Hampshire, bringing lunch. The Super Bowl is that evening, which we'll probably watch, but I'm not all that interested since the Giants lost to Philadelphia (although at least we had the satisfaction the next week of seeing Phoenix clobber the Eagles).

I think it was Monday that Kathy Norman and Joan Rapp from BU were here, which was another nice visit.

And on Tuesday, Anne, my new Personal Assistant, was here for a few hours and she got all the ornaments off the (very dead) Christmas tree and the tree itself out to to the street. She'll be here again tomorrow and we'll work on getting more stuff put away. I find her comfortable to be around, which is as important as getting the work done.

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  1. I've finally read all of Judi's entries and, among the many feelings it elicits is, once again, the redcognition of what an amazing person she is.

    Just an observation: It consistently strikes me how much having people visit seems to energize Judi. So, if you're reading this blog and are wondering whether or not to visit, worried that your coming will tire her out or be an imposition, don't not come [like the double negative?!?] You can call first, but chances are your visit will be just what she needs.