Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A minor scare

When I first woke up this morning, I came sort of half-awake and my chest felt very cold. I reached for a blanket and wrapped it around my chest, which felt both cold and hollow--a hard to describe feeling, but one I associate with having pneumonia. I think I then fell back to sleep, woke again at eight and put on "The West Wing" (which we watch two episodes of every morning from eight to ten), but then I guess mostly slept through it, as I remember very little. Marty said that at one point he peeked in at me and I was definitely asleep.

I wanted to eat something so I could take my meds, but wasn't particularly hungry, so I had a few crackers with peanut butter. Marty had a doctor's appointment, but said he was going to call to break it because we didn't have PCA coverage (Lauren has been changing Nancie's hours, and he made the appointment based on the old schedule). I really wanted him to keep it, because he's been sick, so he called around and found that Patti was available to come until Nancie could get here, so that worked out well. Later Ann came, and then Judy stopped in for a little while, just for a visit, so it's been nice to have a parade of friendly faces.

In addition, I think the feeling that I had pneumonia was a product of a half-awake state. I'm no weaker than I was yesterday (weakness is a main symptom), nor do I have a fever. I am quite sleepy, but haven't been able to nap. Marty should be home soon, and he said he is bringing me all kinds of goodies from the Jewish deli and grocery store in Brookline, which is right near the hospital. I'm glad I have my appetite back! I've eaten soup and ice cream and cookies, and I'm eager to see what he's bringing me for dinner.


  1. Hi Judi,
    Hope you had a better day today.
    Wonder what delicious thgings Marty brought you from the deli?
    Keep warm.
    Thinking about you.

  2. Dear Judi,

    This afternoon I heard the sad news of your death. It wasn't unexpected news, but it's still heartbreaking. I send condolences to Marty, to your family, to your friends, to your caregivers, and to all who were close to you. I think I can speak for all of us in the mad movement in saying we share in their grief and hope it is comforting to them to know that they are not alone in missing you. Farewell.

    Myra Kovary, Ithaca, NY

  3. This is such a lovely blog! I have been looking into rockland ma hospice and what kind of care they offer and if they can be reliable for my grandparents, and after reading through your blog I know that hospice can really be helpful! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts and experiences!

  4. Have only just fallen on this blog and am so sorry to see that Judi has passed! RIP. The courage and spirit that she showed was truly inspirational! What was she ill with?